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   Horse FeathersThe WidowerThistled SpringUnknown LabelFolk
   Emperor XConstantly Constantly Radio'sTectonic Membrane/Thin Strip oUnknown LabelWave
   ThorntonGirls WantHad a SwordUnknown LabelLocal
   Rodrigo y GabrielaTamacunArea 52Unknown LabelWorld
   Andrew BirdImitosisArmchair ApocryphaUnknown LabelAlternative
   James BlakeRetrogradeOvergrownUnknown LabelPop
   Cold War KidsMexican DogsLoyalty to LoyaltyUnknown LabelAlternative
   Prefuse 73Beaten ThursdaysPreparations (disc 1)Unknown LabelElectronic
   The DecemberistsCalamity SongAn itunes SessionUnknown LabelAlternative
   Oxford CamerataRequiem, Op. 48 (Pie Jesu) byBroken FlowersUnknown LabelWave
   Anton BarbeauOn a Bicycle Built for Bicycle 9In the Village of the Apple SuUnknown LabelUnknown
   Bombadiltall grassBombadilUnknown LabelRock
   PanthersMy Commodoties Have Been FetisThings Are StrangeUnknown LabelWave
   Ben KwellerI Miss YouGo Fly A KiteUnknown LabelAlternative
   Tom WaitsGet LostBad as MeUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Spinto BandDid I Tell YouNice and Nicely DoneUnknown LabelUnknown
   Devendra BanhartHey Mama WolfCripple CrowUnknown LabelAlternative
   Ariel PinkWhy Can't I Be MeHaunted Graffiti: Scared FamouUnknown LabelLo-Fi
   Ariel PinkAn Appeal from HeavenHaunted Graffiti: Scared FamouUnknown LabelLo-Fi
   Heather StykaGlory HalleluLifeboats for AtlantisUnknown LabelUnknown
   Arcade FireEmpty RoomThe SuburbsUnknown LabelAlternative
   CayucasBigfootBigfootUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   Forest FireStaring At The XStaring At The XUnknown LabelUnknown
   Mutantes03 - Ave Gengis KhanBarbican Theatre - londres - 2Unknown LabelAlternative
   Whitney WolaninImmune1Unknown LabelCountry
   The Four MintsRow My BoatGently Down Your StepsUnknown LabelUnknown
   happy pillsif yousmileUnknown LabelUnknown
   MetronomySome WrittenThe English RivieraUnknown LabelPop
   To Rococo Rot and I-SoundFor a MomentMusic is a Hungry GhostUnknown LabelWave
   Frightened RabbitHousing (In)Pedestrian VerseUnknown LabelAlternative
   Simian Mobile DiscoI BelieveAttack Decay Sustain ReleaseUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Get Up KidsLast Place You LookFour Minute MileUnknown LabelAlternative
   Viva VoceDaylightThe Heat Can Melt Your BrainUnknown LabelWave
   Gnarls BarkleyOnlineSt. ElsewhereUnknown LabelAlternative
   Steve Martin & Edie BrickellSun's Gonna ShineLove Has Come For YouUnknown LabelCountry
   Icona PopLight Me UpThis is...Icona PopUnknown LabelPop
   The WombatsSchumacher the ChampagneThis Modern GlitchUnknown LabelAlternative
   Porcelain RaftThe Way InStrange WeekendUnknown LabelIndie
   Billie HolidayPennies From Heaven (Count de Money remix)Remixed & ReimaginedUnknown LabelUnknown
   Arcade FireSprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)The SuburbsUnknown LabelAlternative
   Beach HouseReal LoveTeen DreamUnknown LabelUnknown
   G. LoveYou've Got to DieFixin' to DieUnknown LabelBlues
   The Black KeysThe Only OneBrothersUnknown LabelAlternative
   DragonetteUntouchableBodypartsUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   maydayi'm not afraid to diebushido karaokeUnknown LabelWave
   DecemberistsOn the Bus MallPicaresqueUnknown LabelWave
   Get-OutsBreakdownGet The MessageUnknown LabelWave
   TV on the RadioForgottenNine Types of LightUnknown LabelAlternative
   Os MutantesAdeus Maria FulôEverything is Possible: The BeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Arcade FireThe Suburbs (continued)The SuburbsUnknown LabelAlternative
   Lana del ReyDark ParadiseBorn To DieUnknown LabelHollywood Sadcore
   Bon IverLisbon, OHBon Iver, Bon IverUnknown LabelFolk-Rock
   Hot Hot HeatSoldier in a BoxElevatorUnknown LabelAlternative
   Father John MistyNancy From Now OnFear FunUnknown LabelUnknown
   SpoonOut Go the LightsTransferenceUnknown LabelIndie
   Various ArtistsCar Sick Cars/PandaStare Directly At The SunUnknown LabelUnknown
   JusticeStress[Cross]Unknown LabelUnknown
   Syl JohnsonIs it because I'm blackTwilight & TwinightUnknown LabelJazz
   Shout Out LoudsImpossibleOur Ill WillsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Quintron & Miss PussycatDream CaptainsSwamp TechUnknown LabelWave
   The Head And The HeartThese Days Are NumberedLet's Be StillUnknown LabelIndieRock
   De Novo DahlCowboy and the FrenchmanCatsUnknown LabelLocal
   Silver JewsTransylvania BluesBright FlightUnknown LabelWave
   DonoraChampionBoyfriends and GirlfriendsUnknown LabelPop
   UnkleOnly the LonelyOnly the LonelyUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sigur RósN BatterÁgætis ByrjunUnknown LabelWave
   The BooksVeniceLost And SafeUnknown LabelWave
   Deerhoof+81Friend OpportunityUnknown LabelUnknown
   Greg PaceFire and ExplodeThe Pace Get GoinUnknown LabelLocal
   Bonnie 'Prince' BillyWolf Among WolvesMaster And EveryoneUnknown LabelWave
   ThorntonIn RetrospectHad a SwordUnknown LabelLocal
   Hot Hot HeatRunning Out of TimeElevatorUnknown LabelAlternative
   All CityMetrothemeMetropolis GoldUnknown LabelRap
   Elliott SmithTalking to MaryNew Moon (disc 1)Unknown LabelUnknown
   Imelda MayPsychoMayhemUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Sea And CakeThe Cheech Wizard Meets Baby UAll Tomorrow's Parties 1.0Unknown LabelWave
   LowStepThe Great DestroyerUnknown LabelWave
   Langhorne SlimLoretta Lee JonesWhen The Sun's Gone DownUnknown LabelWave
   PopulousDance Hall NostalgiaQueue For LoveUnknown LabelWave
   Punch BrothersPatchwork GirlfriendWho's Feeling Young Now?Unknown LabelUnknown
   The Head And The HeartSummertimeLet's Be StillUnknown LabelIndieRock
   Belle And SebastianWhite Collar BoyThe Life PursuitUnknown LabelUnknown
   St. VincentParis Is BurningMarry MeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Quintron & Miss PussycatGod of ThunderSwamp TechUnknown LabelWave
   Blood BrothersWolf PartyCrimesUnknown LabelWave
   Richman, JonathanNineteen In NaplesI'm So ConfusedUnknown LabelRock
   Local NativesWarning SignGorilla ManorUnknown LabelAlternative
   Various ArtistsStep by Step / Time After TimeHome SchooledUnknown LabelUnknown
   SoundtrackElliot Smith / Needle in the HThe Royal TenenbaumsUnknown LabelWave
   Washed OutEchoesWithin and WithoutUnknown LabelAlternative
   YunaLive Your LifeYunaUnknown LabelUnknown
   The HerbaliserGeddim'!!Take LondonUnknown LabelElectronic
   Amusement Parks On FireEighty EightAmusement Parks On FireUnknown LabelWave
   Atlas SoundMy Angel Is BrokenParallaxUnknown LabelUnknown
   The BooksAn Owl With KneesLost And SafeUnknown LabelWave
   MosquitosDream AwakeSunshine BaratoUnknown LabelWave
   DragonetteMy LegsBodypartsUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   Christopher TinCivilization IV: Baba Yetu (Duet Version)Video Games Live: Level 2Unknown LabelUnknown
   BjorkMy JuvenileVoltaUnknown LabelUnknown
   Animal CollectiveTell It to the MountainHollinndagainUnknown LabelPsychedelic Rock
   Father John MistyI'm Writing a NovelFear FunUnknown LabelUnknown
   Franz FerdinandEleanor Put Your Boots OnYou Could Have It So Much BettUnknown LabelAlternative
   Andrew BirdBellesBreak It YourselfUnknown LabelUnknown
   Beach HouseBetter TimesTeen DreamUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Four MintsDo You Really Love MeGently Down Your StepsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Felix da HousecatIt's Your MoveVirgo Blaktro and the Movie DiUnknown LabelUnknown
   Jim WhiteBook of AngelsWrong-Eyed Jesus! (MysteriousUnknown LabelUnknown
   Gang Gang DanceChinese HighEye ContactUnknown LabelUnknown
   Various ArtistsMississippi John Hurt -- Spikedriver BluesThe Newport Folk Fesitval 1963Unknown LabelUnknown
   MetricGrow Up and Blow AwayGrow Up and Blow AwayUnknown LabelAlternative
   M83ReunionUnknown TitleUnknown LabelAlternative
   The Go! TeamJunior KickstartThunder, Lightning, StrikeUnknown LabelUnknown
   GoldfrappUtopiaFelt MountainUnknown LabelWave
   Apollo UpMagnetic SouthLight the End and Burn It ThroUnknown LabelLocal
   The BeesAngrymanSunshine Hit MeUnknown LabelWave
   Beach HouseZebraTeen DreamUnknown LabelUnknown
   Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.If It Wasn't YouIt's A Corporate WorldUnknown LabelIndie
   PhosphorescentThe Quotidian BeastsMuchachoUnknown LabelFolk-Rock
   Forget CassettesBruce WayneInstruments of ActionUnknown LabelLocal
   Ryan AdamsRocksAshes & FireUnknown LabelCountry
   The Spinto BandTrust Vs. MistrustNice and Nicely DoneUnknown LabelUnknown
   Ben FoldsHouseThe Best Imitation of Myself:Unknown LabelUnknown
   Syl JohnsonConcrete reservationTwilight & TwinightUnknown LabelJazz
   Animal CollectiveLablakely DressHollinndagainUnknown LabelPsychedelic Rock
   Leon MorrisGoing HomeThinking Today of HomeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Heather StykaWind Oh WindLifeboats for AtlantisUnknown LabelUnknown
   Tiger DarrowNew BeginningYou Know Who You AreUnknown LabelAlternative
   JapancakesStay DizzyWaking HoursUnknown LabelWave
   Dixie DirtSleep Part IPieces of the WorldUnknown LabelWave
   Weird WarA Visit To A CaveIlluminated By LightUnknown LabelWave
   Sufjan StevensThe Dress Looks Nice on YouSeven SwansUnknown LabelWave
   Bombay Bicycle ClubShuffleA Different Kind of FixUnknown LabelUnknown
   Dinosaur FeathersCertain TimesWhistle TipsUnknown LabelUnknown
   GorillazDemon DaysDemon DaysUnknown LabelWave
   Simian Mobile DiscoLoveAttack Decay Sustain ReleaseUnknown LabelUnknown
   Arcade FireReady to StartThe SuburbsUnknown LabelAlternative
   Echo & The BunnymenNocturnal MeOcean Rain (Remastered & ExpanUnknown LabelWave
   Apocalypse Five & DimeTomorrowBallads for the End TimesUnknown LabelUnknown
   CannoneersLetting GoCannoneersUnknown LabelUnknown
   The BooksSmells Like ContentLost And SafeUnknown LabelWave
   BeirutA Candle's FireThe Rip TideUnknown LabelUnknown
   Belle And SebastianSunday's Pretty IconsBelle and Sebastian Write AbouUnknown LabelAlternative
   Pony Up!minstrelPony Up!Unknown LabelWave
   Dum Dum GirlsBhang Bhang, I'm a BurnoutI Will BeUnknown LabelPunk
   Dinosaur Jr.I Got LostBeyondUnknown LabelAlternative
   Lia IcesAfter Is Always BeforeGrown UnknownUnknown LabelAlternative
   American Music ClubMyopic BooksLove Songs For PatriotsUnknown LabelWave
   Push Button ObjectsKut Masta Kurt Remix360° Remixes featuring: Del thUnknown LabelUnknown
   Flight of the ConchordsLadies of the WorldFlight of the ConchordsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Weird WarMental PoisoningIlluminated By LightUnknown LabelWave
   Tom WaitsLast LeafBad as MeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Hot ChipSexual HealingRemixes & RaritiesUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Most Serene RepublicSolipsism MillionairesPopulationUnknown LabelUnknown
   Lightnin' HopkinsLong Gone Like A Turkey Through The CornCountry BluesUnknown LabelBlues
   HalDon't Come RunningHalUnknown LabelWave
   Aesop RockNone Shall PassNone Shall PassUnknown LabelRap
   Omar Rodriguez-LopezBuenos AiresOctopus Kool AidUnknown LabelElectronica
   SebadohRejectBubble and ScrapeUnknown LabelUnknown
   ThorntonIn RetrospectHad a SwordUnknown LabelLocal
   Ariel PinkThe List (My Favorite Song)Haunted Graffiti: Scared FamouUnknown LabelLo-Fi
   CannoneersThese LiesCannoneersUnknown LabelUnknown
   TeddybearsTek It DownDEVIL MUSICUnknown LabelUnknown
   BrazzavilleForeign Disaster DaysWelcome to BrazavilleUnknown LabelWave
   Secret MommyPlaysPlaysUnknown LabelUnknown
   Hope of the StatesDon't Go To PiecesThe Lost RiotsUnknown LabelWave
   Atlas SoundDoldrumsParallaxUnknown LabelUnknown
   The RosebudsWithout a FocusLoud Planes Fly LowUnknown LabelUnknown
   John Vandersliceletter to the east coastPixel RevoltUnknown LabelWave
   DeVotchKaThe Man from San Sebastian100 LoversUnknown LabelAlternative
   The Brian Jonestown MassacreThis Is Why You Love MeGive It Back!Unknown LabelUnknown
   Evan P. DonohueAnd, Will It Ever ChangeRhythm and AmplitudeUnknown LabelAlt. Rock
   The HerbaliserSong For MaryTake LondonUnknown LabelElectronic
   De Novo DahlCowboy and the FrenchmanCatsUnknown LabelLocal
   Four TetUntanglePauseUnknown LabelWave
   Daft PunkThe Grid (The Crystal Method remix)TRON: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3DUnknown LabelUnknown
   Spank RockRick RubinYOYOYOYOYOUnknown LabelUnknown
   Get-OutsStart Shootin'Get The MessageUnknown LabelWave
   La Santa CeciliaLa NegraNoche y CitasUnknown LabelUnknown
   Various ArtistsThe Rooftop Singers -- Walk Right InThe Newport Folk Fesitval 1963Unknown LabelUnknown
   Mike DoughtyRussellYes and Also YesUnknown LabelUnknown
   LoweLive to LoveEvolverUnknown LabelSynthpop
   AkrobatikHypocriteBalanceUnknown LabelRap
   Erisa ReiNews to SeeBlack BallUnknown LabelCountry
   Wayne County and the ElectricI had too much to dream last nCBGB's and the birth of U.S. PUnknown LabelWave
   The Phantom Family HaloWhite Hot GunWhen I Fall OutUnknown LabelUnknown
   Explosions In The SkyThe Birth and Death of the DayAll of a Sudden I Miss EveryonUnknown LabelUnknown
   GalacticWhat You Need (feat. Lyrics Born)From the Corner to the BlockUnknown LabelUnknown
   Crooked FingersWar HorsesBreaks in the ArmorUnknown LabelUnknown
   Apocalypse Five & DimeAddicted To YouBallads for the End TimesUnknown LabelUnknown
   SolexNot a Hoot!Low Kick and Hard BopUnknown LabelWave
   TeddybearsBukowskiDEVIL MUSICUnknown LabelUnknown
   Flight of the ConchordsHiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros (feat. Rhymenoceros and the Hiphopopotamus)Flight of the ConchordsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Stephen Kellogg & The SixersWe Belong HereGift HorseUnknown LabelUnknown
   theSTARTLife Is SweetInitiationUnknown LabelWave
   Decemberists, TheThe Legionnaire's LamentCastaways and CutoutsUnknown LabelAlt Rock
   BeckDark StarThe InformationUnknown LabelUnknown
   Blitzen TrapperCountry CaravanWild Mountain NationUnknown LabelAlternative
   PortisheadHalf Day ClosingPortisheadUnknown LabelWave
   The Au PairsYouRough Trade Shops Post Punk 01Unknown LabelWave
   Daft PunkArena (The Japanese Popstars remix)TRON: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3DUnknown LabelUnknown
   Troubled HubbleGet LostMaking Beds in a Burning HouseUnknown LabelWave
   Felix da HousecatMoviediscoVirgo Blaktro and the Movie DiUnknown LabelUnknown
   mice paradeRecoverWhat It Means to Be Left-HandeUnknown LabelAlternative
   Arctic MonkeysSuck It and SeeSuck It and SeeUnknown LabelAlternative
   The Booksthe future, wouldn't that be nthe lemon of pinkUnknown LabelWave
   Ben KwellerJustify MeGo Fly A KiteUnknown LabelAlternative
   Summer CampI Want YouWelcome to CondaleUnknown LabelUnknown
   Punch BrothersClaraWho's Feeling Young Now?Unknown LabelUnknown
   Blitzen TrapperBadger's Black BrigadeWild Mountain NationUnknown LabelAlternative
   Archers of LoafLet the Loser MeltVee VeeUnknown LabelWave
   ThorntonAm I RightHad a SwordUnknown LabelLocal
   Julian CasablancasGlassPhrazes for the YoungUnknown LabelAlt. Rock
   Robert Glasper Experiment featThe Consequences of JealousyBlack Radio Recovered: The RemUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sharon van EttenTarifaAre We ThereUnknown LabelIndie
   Arcade FireSprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)The SuburbsUnknown LabelAlternative
   Animal CollectiveChoresStrawberry JamUnknown LabelUnknown
   Elliott SmithGoing NowhereNew Moon (disc 1)Unknown LabelUnknown
   ArsonistsBleepDate of BirthUnknown LabelRap
   ShearwaterAnimal LifeAnimal JoyUnknown LabelUnknown
   BeckNo ComplaintsThe InformationUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Civil Wars20 YearsBarton HollowUnknown LabelFolk
   WRVUDaryl Hance Station IDStation IDsUnknown LabelGeneral
   IslandsNo CryingA Sleep & A ForgettingUnknown LabelUnknown
   Lana del ReyDark ParadiseBorn To DieUnknown LabelHollywood Sadcore
   Mark RaeRise UpInto The DepthsUnknown LabelJazz+Funk
   Dukes of HamburgWomenSome Folks ByUnknown LabelWave
   Golden SmogJennifer Save MeStay Golden, SmogUnknown LabelRock
   John Vandersliceletter to the east coastPixel RevoltUnknown LabelWave
   The FeaturesLeave It All BehindExhibit AUnknown LabelLocal
   The Black KeysEverlasting LightBrothersUnknown LabelAlternative
   Béla Fleck and The FlecktonesThe Secret DrawerRocket ScienceUnknown LabelUnknown
   Atlas SoundTe AmoParallaxUnknown LabelUnknown
   Be Your Own PetDamn Damn LeashDamn Damn LeashUnknown LabelLocal
   Nouvelle VagueMarianneNouvelle VagueUnknown LabelWave
   The SubmarinesYou, Me, and the Bourgeoisie (the Ship Session)The Shoelaces EPUnknown LabelUnknown
   M. WardWatch the ShowA Wasteland CompanionUnknown LabelUnknown
   Scout NiblettWolfieKidnapped by NeptuneUnknown LabelWave
   Heartless BastardsSimple FeelingArrowUnknown LabelUnknown
   JoaLife ForceLife LikeUnknown LabelUnknown
   CavemanDecideCoCo BewareUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Boy Least Likely ToGod Takes Care of the Little ThingsThe Best Party EverUnknown LabelUnknown
   BjorkJogaThe Times Sampler CDUnknown LabelWave
   LadytronThe Way That I Found You604Unknown LabelWave
   Ski LodgeThe ViewSki Lodge (EP)Unknown LabelAlternative
   Little Green CarsMy Love Took Me Down to the River to Silence MeAbsolute ZeroUnknown LabelFolk
   Béla Fleck and The FlecktonesLife in ElevenRocket ScienceUnknown LabelUnknown
   Animal CollectiveMy GirlsMerriweather Post PavilionUnknown LabelPsychedelic Rock
   Shipping News, TheLouvenFlies the FieldsUnknown LabelWave
   Sleater-KinneyWhat's Mine is YoursThe WoodsUnknown LabelWave
   Multiple artists CDThe Modulations - This Old World Is Going DownGood God! A Gospel Funk HymnalUnknown LabelUnknown
   Hess is MoreBurnCreation Keeps the Devil AwayUnknown LabelUnknown
   WoodsIt Ain't EasyBend BeyondUnknown LabelFolk_Rock
   We are AugustinesBook of JamesWe Are Augustines (EP)Unknown LabelUnknown
   DeVotchKaInterlude 1100 LoversUnknown LabelAlternative
   The Brian Jonestown MassacreEnd of the DayMethodroneUnknown LabelUnknown
   PJ HarveyYou Said SomethingStories From The City, StoriesUnknown LabelWave
   Patrick ParkPawn SongEveryone's In EveryoneUnknown LabelFolk_Rock
   WolfmotherApple TreeWolfmotherUnknown LabelWave
   mice paradeMallo CupWhat It Means to Be Left-HandeUnknown LabelAlternative
   Smith WesternsEnd of the NightDye It BlondeUnknown LabelAlternative
   Viva VoceThe Lucky OnesThe Heat Can Melt Your BrainUnknown LabelWave
   Erase ErrataHow To Tell Yourself From A TeOther AnimalsUnknown LabelWave
   The Delta Flyers61 Highway BluesSixteen BarsUnknown LabelBlues
   The Sea And CakeLe BaronOne BedroomUnknown LabelWave
   Darwin DeezAliceSongs for Imaginative PeopleUnknown LabelPop
   UnkleMoney and Run (Featuring Nick Cave)Only the LonelyUnknown LabelUnknown
   Mulatu AstatkeYekermo SewBroken FlowersUnknown LabelWave
   Art BrutI Will SurviveIt's a Bit ComplicatedUnknown LabelUnknown
   Dent May And His Magnificent U / I'm An AlcoholicThe Good Feeling Music of DentUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sonic YouthThe NeutralRather RippedUnknown LabelUnknown
   Lewd ActsKnow Where to GoBlack Eye BluesUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Robot Ate MeJust One GirlCarousel WaltzUnknown LabelWave
   SeaponySo LowGo With MeUnknown LabelUnknown
   StereolabFeel And TripleMargerine EclipseUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   Forget CassettesInstruments of ActionInstruments of ActionUnknown LabelLocal
   Various ArtistsFather Hennepin - Girl From the North CountryDuluth Does DylanUnknown LabelUnknown
   Apples In StereoRubyHer Wallpaper ReverieUnknown LabelWave
   Prefuse 73spacious And Dissonant Part.2Prepalations [Bonus Disc] InteUnknown LabelHouse
   Belle & SebastianDear Catastrophe WaitressDear Catastrophe WaitressUnknown LabelWave
   Spoken NerdThe Last Real Farmer Alive (That's Official)Apocalypse Awareness DayUnknown LabelHip-Hop
   Memory HouseModern, NormalThe Years EPUnknown LabelLo-Fi
   KasabianLet's Roll Just Like We Used ToVelociraptor!Unknown LabelUnknown
   Gang Of FourI Found That Essence RareRough Trade Shops Post Punk 01Unknown LabelWave
   New OrderGuilt Is A Useless EmotionWaiting For The Sirens' CallUnknown LabelWave
   Blitzen TrapperStranger in a Strange LandAmerican GoldwingUnknown LabelUnknown
   CompilationAgent Ribbons - Wood, Leather, RubberWE ARE ALL AWESOMEUnknown LabelUnknown
   KindnessGee WizWorld, You Need A Change of MiUnknown LabelUnknown
   SolexNot a Hoot!Low Kick and Hard BopUnknown LabelWave
   Laura GibsonThe FireLa GrandeUnknown LabelUnknown
   DonoraChampionBoyfriends and GirlfriendsUnknown LabelPop
   The Mountain GoatsThe Autopsy GarlandAll Eternals DeckUnknown LabelAlternative
   CorneliusGod Only KnowsFantasmaUnknown LabelElectronic
   SolexGood Comrades go to HeavenLow Kick and Hard BopUnknown LabelWave
   BassnectarFalling (feat. Paper Machete)WildstyleUnknown LabelHip-Hop
   Shuggie OtisSparkle CityInspiration InformationUnknown LabelWave
   StereolabBop ScotchMargerine EclipseUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   BreakbotA Mile Away (Featuring Irfane)By Your SideUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   Sixpence None The RicherRadioLost in TransitionUnknown LabelIndieRock
   Sonic YouthDo You Believe in Rapture?Rather RippedUnknown LabelUnknown
   Cloud NothingsFall InAttack on MemoryUnknown LabelUnknown
   She & HimSnow QueenVolume 3Unknown LabelIndie Pop
   Golden SmogLost LoveStay Golden, SmogUnknown LabelRock
   The Olivia Tremor ControlJumping FencesMusic From the Unrealized FilmUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sufjan StevensKaskaskia RiverThe AvalancheUnknown LabelUnknown
   TelevisionDaysAdventureUnknown LabelWave
   Elliott SmithGo ByNew Moon (disc 1)Unknown LabelUnknown
   NeroScorpionsWelcome RealityUnknown LabelUnknown
   KarateSmall FriesUnsolvedUnknown LabelWave
   MetronomyCorinneThe English RivieraUnknown LabelPop
   David Byrne & St. VincentWhoLove This GiantUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   Gillian WelchHard TimesThe Harrow & The HarvestUnknown LabelFolk
   Greg PaceAmbushThe Pace Get GoinUnknown LabelLocal
   Emperor XExterminata BeatTectonic Membrane/Thin Strip oUnknown LabelWave
   mr. GnomeWolf GirlsMadness in MiniatureUnknown LabelAlternative
   WoodsWind Was the WineBend BeyondUnknown LabelFolk_Rock
   Gardens & VillaOrange BlossomGardens & VillaUnknown LabelAlternative
   Tiger DarrowLost In TranslationYou Know Who You AreUnknown LabelAlternative
   TeddybearsTek It DownDEVIL MUSICUnknown LabelUnknown
   Forget CassettesTalking BigInstruments of ActionUnknown LabelLocal
   Ryan AdamsSave MeAshes & FireUnknown LabelCountry
   SolexComely RowLow Kick and Hard BopUnknown LabelWave
   Greg DavisBrocade (Rewoven)Curling Pond WoodsUnknown LabelWave
   Antipop ConsortiumSilver HeatArrhythmiaUnknown LabelRap
   M83WaitUnknown TitleUnknown LabelAlternative
   Atlas SoundQuarantinedLet the Blind Lead Those Who cUnknown LabelUnknown
   Dinosaur JrI'm InsaneHand It OverUnknown LabelRock
   Danger Mouse & JeminiOmega SupremeGhetto Pop LifeUnknown LabelHip-Hop
   The Head And The HeartSummertimeLet's Be StillUnknown LabelIndieRock
   Band of HorsesNo One's Gonna Love YouCease to BeginUnknown LabelUnknown
   Black Heart ProcessionWaterfront (The Sinking Road)All Tomorrow's Parties 1.0Unknown LabelWave
   AwolnationSome Sort of CreatureMegalithic SymphonyUnknown LabelRock
   Multiple artists CDPreacher & The Saints - Jesus Rhapsody Part IGood God! A Gospel Funk HymnalUnknown LabelUnknown
   Henry PadovaniAcheve Ta HaineA Croire Que C'etait Pour LavieUnknown LabelUnknown
   OneidaRun Through My HairThe WeddingUnknown LabelWave
   The DecemberistsForegoneLong Live the KingUnknown LabelAlt. Rock
   APSCIRob The Bank feat. Martin of AntibalasThanks for AskingUnknown LabelRap
   Bombay Bicycle ClubShuffleA Different Kind of FixUnknown LabelUnknown
   Devendra BanhartMeet Me at Lookout PointWhat Will We BeUnknown LabelAlternative
   JoaStill LifeLife LikeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Neon IndianHeart: AttackEra ExtrañaUnknown LabelUnknown
   EarlimartHold On Slow DownTreble & TrembleUnknown LabelWave
   Hope of the States66 Sleepers to SummerThe Lost RiotsUnknown LabelWave
   AtmosphereAppleSeven's TravelsUnknown LabelRap
   Frightened RabbitDead NowPedestrain VerseUnknown LabelIndie
   Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiHelenHouse ArrestUnknown LabelLo-Fi
   KindnessCyanWorld, You Need A Change of MiUnknown LabelUnknown
   Antipop ConsortiumConspiracy of MythArrhythmiaUnknown LabelRap
   Holopaw3-shy-cubsQuit +/or FightUnknown LabelWave
   Lightnin' HopkinsRainy Day BluesCountry BluesUnknown LabelBlues
   Arctic MonkeysParty AnthemAMUnknown LabelIndieRock
   Marketa IrglovaGo BackANARUnknown LabelAlternative
   Jim O'RourkeTherefore, I AmInsignificanceUnknown LabelWave
   Hot Hot HeatMiddle Of NowhereElevatorUnknown LabelWave
   Daft PunkTechnologicHuman After AllUnknown LabelDance
   YunaPlanesYunaUnknown LabelUnknown
   DJ ShadowRight Thing/GDMFSOB (Clean InsThe Private PressUnknown LabelRock
   AtmospherePanic Attack You Can't Imagine How Much FunUnknown LabelRap
   LowStarfireSecret NameUnknown LabelWave
   Arcade FireModern ManThe SuburbsUnknown LabelAlternative
   The Spinto BandJapan Is An IslandNice and Nicely DoneUnknown LabelUnknown
   Frankie Cosmos Korean Food Fit Me InUnknown LabelIndie
   APSCIBike Messenger DiariesThanks for AskingUnknown LabelRap
   Béla Fleck and The FlecktonesPrickly PearRocket ScienceUnknown LabelUnknown
   CoralBill McCaiMagic And MedicineUnknown LabelWave
   SebadohRejectBubble and ScrapeUnknown LabelUnknown
   The DearsThe Second PartNo Cities LeftUnknown LabelWave
   FeistBittersweet MelodiesMetalsUnknown LabelIndie
   Icona PopHold OnThis is...Icona PopUnknown LabelPop
   The RosebudsWoodsLoud Planes Fly LowUnknown LabelUnknown
   Memory HouseSleep PatternsThe Years EPUnknown LabelLo-Fi
   FogThe Hully Gully10th Avenue FreakoutUnknown LabelWave
   Marketa IrglovaWings of DesireANARUnknown LabelAlternative
   BjorkCrystallineBiophiliaUnknown LabelUnknown
   New OrderTemptationTrainspotting SoundtrackUnknown LabelWave
   LoweHalf the Double SpeedEvolverUnknown LabelSynthpop
   Hot Hot HeatYou Owe Me an IOUElevatorUnknown LabelAlternative
   TelevisionDaysAdventureUnknown LabelWave
   Jamie LidellNew MeMultiplyUnknown LabelWave
   Sufjan StevensTo Be Alone with YouSeven SwansUnknown LabelWave
   Jim O'RourkeThe WorkplaceHalfway to a ThreewayUnknown LabelWave
   Yael MeyerEverything Will Be AlrightEverything Will Be AlrightUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sixpence None The RicherBe OKLost in TransitionUnknown LabelIndieRock
   RadioheadVideotapeIn RainbowsUnknown LabelRock
   Devendra BanhartCan't Help but SmilingWhat Will We BeUnknown LabelAlternative
   Beach HouseUsed to BeTeen DreamUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Black KeysDead and GoneEl CaminoUnknown LabelAlt. Rock
   Ryan Adams & The CardinalsBlue HotelFollow The Lights [EP]Unknown LabelAlt. Country
   Mutantes08 - BabyBarbican Theatre - londres - 2Unknown LabelAlternative
   Stereolab"...Sudden Stars"Margerine EclipseUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   White, Blue, Yellow & CloudsCheer Up in Your Sleep (Daydream Believer)Introducing...Unknown LabelRock & Roll
   Dinosaur JrSure Not Over YouHand It OverUnknown LabelRock
   ClinicSunlight Bathes Our HomeWalking With TheeUnknown LabelWave
   Various ArtistsFather Hennepin - Girl From the North CountryDuluth Does DylanUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Apples in StereoSame Old DragNew Magnetic WonderUnknown LabelUnknown
   DonoraBoom BoomBoyfriends and GirlfriendsUnknown LabelPop
   The GreenhornesUnnatural HabitatBroken FlowersUnknown LabelWave
   Devendra BanhartBrindoWhat Will We BeUnknown LabelAlternative
   HospitalityArgonautsHospitalityUnknown LabelUnknown
   Blitzen TrapperHot Tip/Tough CubWild Mountain NationUnknown LabelAlternative
   Sammy Figueroa & His Latin JazUrban NatureUrban NatureUnknown LabelJazz
   Erase ErrataHow To Tell Yourself From A TeOther AnimalsUnknown LabelWave
   Antipop ConsortiumReflectionsFluorescent BlackUnknown LabelRap
   Andrew BirdGive It AwayBreak It YourselfUnknown LabelUnknown
   Tilly and the WallRecklessWild Like ChildfenUnknown LabelWave
   Dinosaur FeathersBoatsWhistle TipsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Summer CampDownWelcome to CondaleUnknown LabelUnknown
   JapancakesTremorWaking HoursUnknown LabelWave
   Woody GuthrieWorried Man BluesWorried Man BluesUnknown LabelUnknown
   Various ArtistsEssence - Fever (Instrumental)Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack LUnknown LabelSoul
   Mike DoughtyWeird SummerYes and Also YesUnknown LabelUnknown
   BuzzcocksEver Fallen In LoveSingles Going SteadyUnknown LabelWave
   Elliott SmithAlmost OverNew Moon (disc 2)Unknown LabelUnknown
   The Avett BrothersTin ManI And Love And YouUnknown LabelFolk-Rock
   All CityThe ActualMetropolis GoldUnknown LabelRap
   Mike CottoneSelahJust RememberUnknown LabelJazz
   Todd, Mia DoiDigitalThe Golden StateUnknown LabelWave
   SuperchunkSprung a LeakNo Pocky for KittyUnknown LabelUnknown
   M. WardThere's a KeyA Wasteland CompanionUnknown LabelUnknown
   About GroupYou're No GoodStart & CompleteUnknown LabelUnknown
   Tom WaitsChicagoBad as MeUnknown LabelUnknown
   First Aid KitIn the Hearts of MenThe Lion's RoarUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sigur RósFlugufrelsarinnÁgætis ByrjunUnknown LabelWave
   The Real Tuesday WeldI Love the RainThe Return of the ClerkenwellUnknown LabelWave
   ShearwaterBelieving Makes It EasyAnimal JoyUnknown LabelUnknown
   St. VincentThe SequelActorUnknown LabelIndie
   The BlowPile of GoldPaper TelevisionUnknown LabelUnknown
   John Vandersliceexodus damagePixel RevoltUnknown LabelWave
   Sonic YouthNYC Ghosts & FlowersNYC Ghosts & FlowersUnknown LabelWave
   SebadohRejectBubble and ScrapeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Blood Red ShoesColours FadeFire Like ThisUnknown LabelAlternative
   BreakbotIntersectionBy Your SideUnknown LabelIndie Pop
   The White StripesI Want To Be The Boy To Warm YElephantUnknown LabelWave
   The MattoidTinkli VinkliEternifinityUnknown LabelLocal
   The ClashTrain in VainLondon CallingUnknown LabelUnknown
   Tally HallTwo WuvMarvin's Marvelous MechanicalUnknown LabelGeneral Rock
   MogwaiHunted By A FreakGovernment CommissionsUnknown LabelRock
   animal collective (feat vashtiI remember learning how to driprospect hummerUnknown LabelWave
   Sons and DaughtersCome In Out of the RainDance Me In SingleUnknown LabelWave
   Jamey Johnson Feat. Merle HaggardI Fall To PiecesLiving For A Song (A Tribute to Hank Cochran)Unknown LabelCountry
   Mike CottoneOld BlueJust RememberUnknown LabelJazz
   Marvin GayeI Want YouBroken FlowersUnknown LabelWave
   BeirutThe Gulag OrkestarGulag OrkestarUnknown LabelUnknown
   maydayfather timebushido karaokeUnknown LabelWave
   Silver JewsI'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into YouTanglewood NumbersUnknown LabelUnknown
   Decemberists, TheThe Legionnaire's LamentCastaways and CutoutsUnknown LabelWave
   Hot Hot HeatShame on YouElevatorUnknown LabelAlternative
   Daft PunkArena (The Japanese Popstars remix)TRON: Legacy R3CONF1GUR3DUnknown LabelUnknown
   Os MutantesAndo Meio DesligadoEverything is Possible: The BeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sammy Figueroa & His Latin JazLatin What?Urban NatureUnknown LabelJazz
   Gnarls BarkleyOnlineSt. ElsewhereUnknown LabelAlternative
   TV on the RadioNo Future ShockNine Types of LightUnknown LabelAlternative
   Mulatu AstatkeYekermo SewBroken FlowersUnknown LabelWave
   PJ HarveyA Place Called HomeStories From The City, StoriesUnknown LabelWave
   Imperial TeenDon't Know How You Do ItFeel the SoundUnknown LabelUnknown
   Shout Out LoudsImpossibleOur Ill WillsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Os MutantesAdeus Maria FulôEverything is Possible: The BeUnknown LabelUnknown
   CaribouPelican NarrowsThe Milk of Human KindnessUnknown LabelWave
   Steve Martin & Edie BrickellShawneeLove Has Come For YouUnknown LabelCountry
   Ben KwellerOut the DoorGo Fly A KiteUnknown LabelAlternative
   ThorntonA Lighter LoadHad a SwordUnknown LabelLocal
   Explosions In The Sky6 Days @ The Bottom Of The Ocean"The Earth Is Not A Cold DeadUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Brian Jonestown MassacreWastedMethodroneUnknown LabelUnknown
   Emperor XGarbage Shaft Floor-By-FloorTectonic Membrane/Thin Strip oUnknown LabelWave
   Apocalypse Five & DimeDance FloorBallads for the End TimesUnknown LabelUnknown
   Thievery CorporationSatyam Shivam Sundaram (FeaturThe Cosmic GameUnknown LabelWave
   Joy DivisionTransmissionSubstance (1977-1980)Unknown LabelWave
   Oliver FutureThe Hi HatThe Bear Chronicles EPUnknown LabelWave
   Darwin DeezAliceSongs for Imaginative PeopleUnknown LabelPop
   MogwaiStop Coming To My HouseGovernment CommissionsUnknown LabelRock
   The DecemberistsWhen U Love SomebodyAn itunes SessionUnknown LabelAlternative
   Badly Drawn BoyThis SongThe Hour of BewilderbeastUnknown LabelWave
   The DecemberistsThe Hazards of LoveAn itunes SessionUnknown LabelAlternative
   AtmosphereGood Times (Sick Pimpin')Seven's TravelsUnknown LabelRap
   Mac DeMarcoLet Her GoSalad DaysUnknown LabelIndieRock
   The Spinto BandSpy Vs. SpyNice and Nicely DoneUnknown LabelUnknown
   Nina NastasiaStormy WeatherAll Tomorrow's Parties 2.0Unknown LabelWave
   Kings of ConvenienceKnow-HowRiot on an Empty StreetUnknown LabelWave
   BeckCanceled CheckMutationsUnknown LabelUnknown
   The SmithsPlease Please Please Let Me GeLouder Than BombsUnknown LabelWave
   VillagersTo Be Counted Among MenBecoming a JackalUnknown LabelFolk
   The FeaturesThe Way It's Meant to BeExhibit AUnknown LabelLocal
   Thunderbirds Are Now!Enough About Me, Let's Talk AbJustamustacheUnknown LabelWave
   mr. Gnomemr. Gnome / Cleveland PolkaHeave Yer SkeletonUnknown LabelAlt Rock
   CakePalm of Your HandPressure ChiefUnknown LabelWave
   Lali Puna(This Is) The Dream of Evan anI Thought I Was Over That: RarUnknown LabelWave
   Forget CassettesMs. Rhythm and BluesInstruments of ActionUnknown LabelLocal
   Andrew BirdPlasticitiesArmchair ApocryphaUnknown LabelAlternative
   Icona PopAll NightThis is...Icona PopUnknown LabelPop
   Delta 5YouSingles & Sessions 1979-81Unknown LabelUnknown
   Danger Mouse & JeminiYoo-Hoo!Ghetto Pop LifeUnknown LabelHip-Hop
   Woody GuthrieRangers CommandWorried Man BluesUnknown LabelUnknown
   Gillian WelchSix White HorsesThe Harrow & The HarvestUnknown LabelFolk
   Ben KwellerTime Will Save the DayGo Fly A KiteUnknown LabelAlternative
   The Black KeysNext GirlBrothersUnknown LabelAlternative
   Apples In StereoThe Shiney SeaHer Wallpaper ReverieUnknown LabelWave
   SebadohSing SomethingSkull (Remix)Unknown LabelUnknown
   The Bubblegum ComplexBaltimoreWonderkidsUnknown LabelLocal
   DonoraCan CanBoyfriends and GirlfriendsUnknown LabelPop
   Troubled HubbleNancy (bonus Remix)Making Beds in a Burning HouseUnknown LabelWave
   Sufjan StevensConcerning the UFO Sighting NeIllinoisUnknown LabelWave
   Dandy WarholsGodlessThirteen Tales From Urban BoheUnknown LabelWave
   Bonnie 'Prince' BillyEven If LoveMaster And EveryoneUnknown LabelWave
   M83My Tears Are Becoming a SeaUnknown TitleUnknown LabelAlternative
   MetronomyThe English RivieraThe English RivieraUnknown LabelPop
   Hot Hot HeatFuture BreedsFuture BreedsUnknown LabelElectronic
   Cold War KidsWelcome to the OccupationLoyalty to LoyaltyUnknown LabelAlternative
   Raconteurs, TheMany Shades Of BlackConsolers Of The LonelyUnknown LabelRock
   CannoneersWhat Do You Say NowCannoneersUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Indigo GirlsAble to SingBeauty Queen SisterUnknown LabelAlternative
   happy pillsin search of belgian wafflessmileUnknown LabelUnknown
   The BeesPunchbagSunshine Hit MeUnknown LabelWave
   The HerbaliserKittynapperTake LondonUnknown LabelElectronic
   Archers of LoafFabricohVee VeeUnknown LabelWave
   Pony Up!swansPony Up!Unknown LabelWave
   mice paradeTokyo Late NightWhat It Means to Be Left-HandeUnknown LabelAlternative
   Franz FerdinandYou're the Reason I'm LeavingYou Could Have It So Much BettUnknown LabelAlternative
   Julian CasablancasRiver of BrakelightsPhrazes for the YoungUnknown LabelAlt. Rock
   Todd, Mia Doi88 WaysThe Golden StateUnknown LabelWave
   Animal CollectiveMy GirlsMerriweather Post PavilionUnknown LabelPsychedelic Rock
   WilcoArt of AlmostThe Whole LoveUnknown LabelAlt. Rock
   Vampire WeekendWhite SkyContraUnknown LabelIndie
   DJ ShadowRight Thing/GDMFSOB (Clean InsThe Private PressUnknown LabelRock
   Asobi SeksuDeep Weird SleepFluorescenceUnknown LabelAlternative
   UK DecayFor My CountryRough Trade Shops Post Punk 01Unknown LabelWave
   SoundtrackMark Mothersbaugh / MothersbauThe Royal TenenbaumsUnknown LabelWave
   Jamie LidellWhat's The Use ?MultiplyUnknown LabelWave
   FogCan You Believe It?10th Avenue FreakoutUnknown LabelWave
   The ThermalsFowardFuckin AUnknown LabelWave
   Lead BellyBirmingham JailShout On: Lead Belly Legacy, VUnknown LabelUnknown
   Bombadilsinister sideBombadilUnknown LabelRock
   Danger Mouse & JeminiDont Do DrugsGhetto Pop LifeUnknown LabelHip-Hop
   Andrew BirdBellesBreak It YourselfUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Sea And CakeOne BedroomOne BedroomUnknown LabelWave
   The Postal ServiceBrand New ColonyGive UpUnknown LabelPop
   Erisa ReiSojourn BandBlack BallUnknown LabelCountry
   KindnessDoigsongWorld, You Need A Change of MiUnknown LabelUnknown
   KlaxonsFlashoverSurfing the VoidUnknown LabelAlternative
   Sammy Figueroa & His Latin JazFunny TalkUrban NatureUnknown LabelJazz
   Belle And SebastianSukie in the GraveyardThe Life PursuitUnknown LabelUnknown
   LoweLive to LoveEvolverUnknown LabelSynthpop
   Neon IndianEra ExtrañaEra ExtrañaUnknown LabelUnknown
   Sonic YouthNevermind (What It Was Anyway)NYC Ghosts & FlowersUnknown LabelWave
   Evan P. Donohue35 mm (I Was Wrong)Rhythm and AmplitudeUnknown LabelAlt. Rock
   WRVUPatric IDStation IDsUnknown LabelGeneral
   Atlas SoundPraying ManParallaxUnknown LabelUnknown
   Antipop ConsortiumReflectionsFluorescent BlackUnknown LabelRap
   Youth LagoonMontanaThe Year of HibernationUnknown LabelAlternative
   StereophonicsLolitaLanguage. Sex. Violence. OtherUnknown LabelWave
   PopulousPawn Shop CloseQueue For LoveUnknown LabelWave
   Hot Hot HeatLe Le LowKnock Knock KnockUnknown LabelAlternative
   Thievery CorporationDoors Of Perception (FeaturingThe Cosmic GameUnknown LabelWave
   AkrobatikThe Hand That Rocks the CradleBalanceUnknown LabelRap
   FeathersOld CutlerAbsolute NoonUnknown LabelWave
   Decemberists, TheThe Legionnaire's LamentCastaways and CutoutsUnknown LabelWave
   Tom WaitsKiss MeBad as MeUnknown LabelUnknown
   Greg DavisAirCurling Pond WoodsUnknown LabelWave
   Jeremy JayLunar CamelAirwalkerUnknown LabelIndie
   La Santa CeciliaFinitaNoche y CitasUnknown LabelUnknown
   International WatersSeptember1994Unknown LabelUnknown
   Michael DoucetLetwo-step de BasileFrom Now OnUnknown LabelWorld
   The New PornographersJackie, Dressed In CobrasTwin CinemaUnknown LabelWave
   Bear in HeavenCool LightI Love You, It's CoolUnknown LabelUnknown
   EarlimartFirst Instant Last ReportTreble & TrembleUnknown LabelWave
   Pony Up!minstrelPony Up!Unknown LabelWave
   Silver JewsTrains Across the SeaStarlite WalkerUnknown LabelUnknown
   ShearwaterRun the Banner DownAnimal JoyUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Apples in StereoEverybody Let UpLook Away + 4Unknown LabelUnknown
   Scene CreamersBag Inc.I Suck On That EmotionUnknown LabelWave
   M. Ward feat. Zooey DeschanelMe and My ShadowA Wasteland CompanionUnknown LabelUnknown
   SmogSay Valley MakerA River Ain't Too Much To LoveUnknown LabelWave
   She & HimHold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss MeVolume 3Unknown LabelIndie Pop
   GoldfrappAliveHead FirstUnknown LabelAlternative
   The FaintI DisappearWet From BirthUnknown LabelDance
   Los VigilantesPegameLos VigilantesUnknown LabelUnknown
   The RosebudsCome Visit MeLoud Planes Fly LowUnknown LabelUnknown
   De Novo DahlThe FunkCatsUnknown LabelLocal
   Devendra BanhartElectric HeartNino RojoUnknown LabelRock
   TeddybearsBukowskiDEVIL MUSICUnknown LabelUnknown
   BjorkHuman BehaviourThe Times Sampler CDUnknown LabelWave
   VillagersTo Be Counted Among MenBecoming a JackalUnknown LabelFolk
   The Brian Jonestown MassacreSatelliteGive It Back!Unknown LabelUnknown
   Woody GuthrieBuffalo SkinnersWorried Man BluesUnknown LabelUnknown
   Mac DeMarcoLet Her GoSalad DaysUnknown LabelIndieRock
   Various ArtistsSnapline/Close Your Cold EyesStare Directly At The SunUnknown LabelUnknown
   Galaxie 500Here She Comes NowThis Is Our Music (Box Set)Unknown LabelWave
   CakeTake It All AwayPressure ChiefUnknown LabelWave
   The Brian Jonestown MassacreOutbackMethodroneUnknown LabelUnknown
   The ClashI'm Not DownLondon CallingUnknown LabelUnknown
   Whitney WolaninMr. Right1Unknown LabelCountry
   AkrobatikThe BonecrusherBalanceUnknown LabelRap
   Devendra BanhartGoin' BackWhat Will We BeUnknown LabelAlternative
   SoundtrackThe Clash / Police & ThievesThe Royal TenenbaumsUnknown LabelWave
   CoralSecret KissMagic And MedicineUnknown LabelWave
   Asobi SeksuUmi De No JisatsuAsobi SeksuUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Pop GroupWe Are All ProstitutesRough Trade Shops Post Punk 01Unknown LabelWave
   The Black KeysTighten UpBrothersUnknown LabelAlternative
   They Might Be GiantsCall You MomNanobotsUnknown LabelIndieRock
   Various ArtistsEdd Henry - Your Replacement Is Here Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack LUnknown LabelSoul
   Imelda MayBury My TroublesMayhemUnknown LabelUnknown
   LoversA New Lease on LifeThe Gutter and the GardenUnknown LabelWave
   Team MeLooking Thru the Eyes of Sir David BrewsterTo The Treetops!Unknown LabelUnknown
   Golden SmogPecan PieStay Golden, SmogUnknown LabelRock
   Tacks, The Boy DisasterMan With A PlanOh, BeatriceUnknown LabelIndie
   Andrew BirdOrpheo Looks BackBreak It YourselfUnknown LabelUnknown
   PortisheadCowboysPortisheadUnknown LabelWave
   Good GoodbyesA Million BeesGood GoodbyesUnknown LabelWave
   The BeesLying In The SnowSunshine Hit MeUnknown LabelWave
   Sufjan StevensAdlai StevensonThe AvalancheUnknown LabelUnknown
   Devendra BanhartI Love That ManCripple CrowUnknown LabelAlternative
   Dungendu e for fin for migTa Det LugntUnknown LabelWave
   Decemberists, TheA Cautionary SongCastaways and CutoutsUnknown LabelWave
   BjorkAll is Full of LoveThe Times Sampler CDUnknown LabelWave
   Cloud NothingsFall InAttack on MemoryUnknown LabelUnknown
   Bush TetrasToo Many CreepsRough Trade - Post Punk Vol.1Unknown LabelWave
   Yael MeyerHeartbeatEverything Will Be AlrightUnknown LabelUnknown
   Joy DivisionIncubationSubstance (1977-1980)Unknown LabelWave
   Silver JewsHow Can I Love You If You Won't Lie DownTanglewood NumbersUnknown LabelUnknown
   The RosebudsWoodsLoud Planes Fly LowUnknown LabelUnknown
   MogwaiR U Still In 2 ItGovernment CommissionsUnknown LabelRock
   CANTBelieveDreams Come TrueUnknown LabelAlternative
   Henry PadovaniAu CommencementA Croire Que C'etait Pour LavieUnknown LabelUnknown
   FeistMy Moon My ManThe ReminderUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Mountain GoatsLiza Forever MinnelliAll Eternals DeckUnknown LabelAlternative
   BeirutNantesThe Flying Club CupUnknown LabelUnknown
   They Might Be GiantsSleepNanobotsUnknown LabelIndieRock
   Arctic MonkeysMad SoundsAMUnknown LabelIndieRock
   The Brian Jonestown MassacreWhoever You AreGive It Back!Unknown LabelUnknown
   TV on the RadioWill Do (XXXChange dancehall mix)Nine Types of LightUnknown LabelAlternative
   Of MontrealAround The WayFalse PreistUnknown LabelAlternative
   Summer CampLast American VirginWelcome to CondaleUnknown LabelUnknown
   Local NativesSticky ThreadGorilla ManorUnknown LabelAlternative
   Hope of the StatesThe Red The White The Black ThThe Lost RiotsUnknown LabelWave
   Black Moth Super RainbowRollerdiscoDandelion GumUnknown LabelUnknown
   CalexicoPiker SamAll Tomorrow's Parties 1.0Unknown LabelWave
   ApparatCandil de la calleThe Devil's WalkUnknown LabelElectronic
   Local NativesCards & QuartersGorilla ManorUnknown LabelAlternative
   FeistCicadas and GullsMetalsUnknown LabelIndie
   Mike DoughtyWeird SummerYes and Also YesUnknown LabelUnknown
   FactoriesCalypsoTogetherUnknown LabelUnknown
   SolexCayenneLow Kick and Hard BopUnknown LabelWave
   LadytronMu-Tron604Unknown LabelWave
   The Real Tuesday WeldAt the House of the ClerkenwelThe Return of the ClerkenwellUnknown LabelWave
   The HerbaliserSong For MaryTake LondonUnknown LabelElectronic
   FallIndustrial EstateRough Trade - Post Punk Vol.1Unknown LabelWave
   Silver JewsLet's Not and Say We DidBright FlightUnknown LabelWave
   Chas SandfordSomeday SusanWag More Bark LessUnknown LabelUnknown
   Q and Not UThrow Back Your HeadPowerUnknown LabelWave
   Lali PunaThe Daily MatchI Thought I Was Over That: RarUnknown LabelWave
   The White StripesLittle AcornsElephantUnknown LabelWave
   Belle & SebastianI'm A CuckooDear Catastrophe WaitressUnknown LabelWave
   Weird WarSee About MeIlluminated By LightUnknown LabelWave
   Oscar PetersonBack Home in IndianaUnmistakableUnknown LabelJazz
   Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.Simple GirlIt's A Corporate WorldUnknown LabelIndie
   The Cute LepersThe Cute Lepers / (I'm) Out Of OrderCan't Stand Modern MusicUnknown LabelUnknown
   The BeatlesWords Of LoveBeatles For SaleUnknown LabelBeat
   Coaxialthe forewarningThe Phantom SyndromeUnknown LabelHip-Hop
   Paolo NutiniMillion Faces - Paolo NutiniThese StreetsUnknown LabelUnknown
   mr. GnomeWinterMadness in MiniatureUnknown LabelAlternative
   RasputinaTransylvanian ConcubineThanks For The EtherUnknown LabelGothic Rock
   Andrew BirdDesperation BreedsBreak It YourselfUnknown LabelUnknown
Rotation: Indicates this song was on primary (1) or secondary (2) rotaion.

Local: Indicates this song is from a local artist.

VA: Indicates this song is on a various-artists compliation.