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   Various ArtistsCrazy Betty - Knockin' on Heaven's DoorDuluth Does DylanUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Sea And CakeHotel TellOne BedroomUnknown LabelWave
   Rilo KileyWires and WavesTake Offs and LandingsUnknown LabelWave
   Explosions In The SkyEXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY / SO LONG, LONESOME (ELUVIUM MIX)All of a Sudden I Miss EveryonUnknown LabelUnknown
   The Carter AdministrationWitchfinder GeneralPony Up! EPUnknown LabelLocal
   Two Door Cinema ClubCigarettes in the TheatreTourist HistoryUnknown LabelPop
   HolopawNeedle in the SwayQuit +/or FightUnknown LabelWave
   Bright EyesTrain Under WaterI'm Wide Awake, It's MorningUnknown LabelWave
   John Lee HookerWill the Circle Be UnbrokenThis Is HipUnknown LabelUnknown
   De Novo DahlPush ButtonsCatsUnknown LabelLocal
   St. VincentDilettanteStrange MercyUnknown LabelAlternative
   Hope of the StatesGoodhorsehymnThe Lost RiotsUnknown LabelWave
   Brian EnoPassing OverAnother Day On EarthUnknown LabelWave
   PopulousClap Like Breeze ft Matilde DaQueue For LoveUnknown LabelWave
   FeathersOld CutlerAbsolute NoonUnknown LabelWave
   Neon IndianHeart: DecayEra Extra├▒aUnknown LabelUnknown
   CANTAnswerDreams Come TrueUnknown LabelAlternative
   Richman, JonathanLove Me Like I LoveI'm So ConfusedUnknown LabelRock
   ShearwaterDread SovereignAnimal JoyUnknown LabelUnknown
   The FaintVictim ConvenienceBlank-Wave ArcadeUnknown LabelWave
   JontiSnickers HissTwirligigUnknown LabelElectronic
   Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiHouse ArrestHouse ArrestUnknown LabelLo-Fi
   Laura MarlingUndineOnce I Was An EagleUnknown LabelIndie
   BeckCold BrainsMutationsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Architecture In HelsinkiLazy (Lazy)Places Like ThisUnknown LabelRock
   M. WardA Wasteland CompanionA Wasteland CompanionUnknown LabelUnknown
   DJ MorpheusEINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN - Yu-Gung (A. Sherwood Mix)I Can't Live Without My RadioUnknown LabelElectronic
   Viva VoceFree Nude CelebsThe Heat Can Melt Your BrainUnknown LabelWave
   Little Green CarsMy Love Took Me Down to the River to Silence MeAbsolute ZeroUnknown LabelFolk
   AkrobatikWreck Dem feat. Mr. LifBalanceUnknown LabelRap
   Sufjan StevensCasimir Pulaski DayIllinoisUnknown LabelWave
   M83FountainsUnknown TitleUnknown LabelAlternative
   M.I.A.BoyzKalaUnknown LabelUnknown
   Four TetTanglePauseUnknown LabelWave
   Johnny Winter feat. Sonny LandT-Bone ShuffleRootsUnknown LabelUnknown
   Dinosaur JrI Know Yer InsaneHand It OverUnknown LabelRock
   Bleach 03 / The Rule Of The PeacockThe Head That Controls Both RiUnknown LabelUnknown
   Lana del ReyThis is What Makes Us GirlsBorn To DieUnknown LabelHollywood Sadcore
   HanaleiSmart Means SickWe Are All Natural DisastersUnknown LabelWave
   Lana del ReyMillion Dollar ManBorn To DieUnknown LabelHollywood Sadcore
Rotation: Indicates this song was on primary (1) or secondary (2) rotaion.

Local: Indicates this song is from a local artist.

VA: Indicates this song is on a various-artists compliation.